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# Monday, November 21, 2011
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Well, if you're like me, you're most likely still struggling with what to do about holiday cards this year. As a photographer, I feel like I need to send out cards each year. If nothing else, it forces me to do at least one session a year with my kids, haha. I try to come up with something fun and unique each year, but I don't think that I'm topping last years card, to be honest. Of all my cards, it was my fav. I just so loved everything about it. Sigh. I'm half tempted to just copy the same idea again this year. Anyway, as many of you have been asking to see it, I thought that I would post it here for you. Maybe it will help give us all a little inspiration for our cards this year.

So this card was actually 4 different cards, all 4.5x5.5 in size, printed on a thick, matte cardstock paper. The cards were printed front and back and I wrapped them together in an off-white Thai handmade see-through lace paper and then wrapped them in a sage green ribbon and sealed the ribbon with a silver foil printed sticker. Everything went into a gold metallic envelope.

For the cards, I did a front card and then each of the following 3 cards represented one of my 3 children. I wanted something that really captured who they are as people, so I asked each kid to write their name and then take a black pen and draw pictures that represented them. I then scanned the images into my computer and hand-colored each picture in Photoshop and did the design and commentary for each child. I just so love that each card really captured who they are as people and that they were able to tell about themselves directly.

The images for the card were taken at my fav ghost town in Montana, which we had visited as part of a family vacation earlier in the year (cause hey, family vacation for me means going somewhere cool for a session too, haha). Each set below represents the front and back of each card.

Card #1

Card #2: I love how he wrote each of his interests and his name in his best cursive handwriting . . .

Card #3: I so love how you just so see her personality with this. She had to add bling to everything.

Card #4: With this card, obviously my 2-year-old wasn't quite old enough to really draw discernible pictures. So I gave my husband a sharpie (yeah, a big, black sharpie) and a single piece of paper and asked him to draw what Kian told him to. My husband seriously came back in less than 5 minutes with these drawings on the paper. Freehanded without a single mistake . . . . married to someone for 12 years and he just whips out this amazing talent for illustration. Who knew?!

So there you are . . . . now I need to stop procrastinating and get back to actually designing my card for this year, haha . . . . Hope you're enjoying this holiday season!
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